Why O'Connell & Associates?

O’Connell & Associates began in 2001 by identifying the needs of homeowners and the individual investor. Having gone through the historic tax credit application process on our own properties, we realized that many people were having a difficult time understanding the rules and processes involved with qualifying for these programs. We saw the large developers qualifying for and financing large projects using these credits and learned that they were able to do so by hiring expensive consultants to help them successfully qualify for the programs.

We can help the homeowner and the developer by offering our expertise at reasonable cost

Historic Tax Credit Consultants is involved in many of its own rehabilitation projects, the partners realized that some homeowners and individual investors might be totally focused on their project and had neither the time nor understanding of the rules of how to fill out the paperwork necessary to qualify for these tax credit programs. O’Connell & Associates understands that some homeowners and developers might be totally focused on their project and have neither the understanding of the rules nor the time to fill out the paperwork necessary to qualify for these tax credit programs.

Much like the contractor you hire to obtain building permits, acquire building materials, and rehabilitate your property,
 we work with you to take care of the administrative requirements associated with obtaining these tax credits.  
We assist you throughout the construction process, keeping you ahead of the requirements.

Our clients range from individual homeowners and multi-property investors to some of the larger developers in Maryland giving us a wide understanding of the process and an insight into the more complicated sides of the application.

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